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Terel Miles

Founder and Ceo

Terel Miles is the Founder & CEO of Freedom Stocks, LLC. He holds a bachelor’s degree from The University of Western Ontario with plans to pursue an MBA at his dream school, NYU Stern School of Business. He has multiple years of experience trading stocks and options in both the U.S. and Canadian stock markets. He is an avid reader and brings a unique approach to investing with his in-depth understanding of trading psychology, fundamental research, technical analysis and global macroeconomics. Feel free to send him a message if you’d like to connect!

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Know when to buy and sell stocks for day and swing trades

Access to our 30+ page Long-term Investing Report. Learn how to build a global diversified portfolio using the ‘Holy Grail’ Investing Strategy

Join other motivated traders & investors and gain access to premium material and exclusive insights

Receive documents, reports and videos on how you can enhance your knowledge of the stock market, trading psychology and the global economy

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