U.S. Stock Futures Plunge as Coronavirus Fears Intensify

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U.S. Stock Futures suffered sharp declines, as word that the Coronavirus death toll rises. The Dow Jones Industrial Average Futures dropped more than 400 points during pre-market trading.

Airlines, Casino’s and hotels were hit the worst during pre-market trading. Wynn Resorts Ltd. fell 7%, Delta Air Lines Inc. fell 3.6%, and American Airlines fell 4.5%.

The Coronavirus shakes global markets as China issues emergency procedure in the pathogen’s global outbreak.

The death toll from the Wuhan, Coronavirus now rises to 80, with almost 2800 cases confirmed across China.

What’s Next?

Last week the S&P500 lost 1%, The Dow lost 1.2%, and the Nasdaq lost 0.8%.

The Coronavirus is bringing extreme caution to Wall Street as the virus continues to spread globally. The death toll and number of those affected continue to rise. With the markets finally pulling back from record highs, investors fear a sharp correction may be underway.


For more information,

Visit https://www.who.int/health-topics/coronavirus

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